Strength in Struggles

Our stories should not define us but instead shape us into who we most desire to be.

Micah's Musings

The main thing I have learned throughout all of life’s challenges is that details of someone’s ‘story’ are not important. In fact, details of a story can actually do more harm than good. This idea was one of the main reasons I wrote the article, 10 Tips to Happiness. The more we dwell on the details from the past the longer we remain stuck there. The details of how we pick ourselves back up, the people who support and inspire us, the things that make us feel most alive and worthwhile, those are the details we need to focus on. When we see how we overcame past obstacles or hardships we get to know our own gifts and talents, like courage to change an unhealthy relationship or situation or the intelligence and honesty it takes to realize there is something about yourself that needs to change.

Recent struggles have…

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David Cummings on Startups

As I think back to my many entrepreneurial endeavors that failed (e.g. post mortem of a failed product), several clear themes come to mind. It isn’t that any one issue or challenge was the culprit, rather there were a number of items that colluded together. Also, most were within my control and I still failed.

Here are five simple reasons entrepreneurs fail:

  1. Not giving it 100% – it’s hard enough to succeed when working on something full-time that entrepreneurs working on an idea part-time are even more likely to fail because they won’t make enough progress to figure out how to make it successful
  2. Premature scaling – resources are scarce so a self-inflicted death is more likely when staff or resources are added before a business model is found (see startups shouldn’t hire a VP of Sales)
  3. Building product in a vacuumcustomer usage is oxygen for…

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Matt Miklic

I’m constantly turning to Google Maps’ Street View when I hear about a restaurant or something I want to check out in New Orleans. And every time, I’m reminded that Google hasn’t updated their Street View imagery of the city since I lived there in 2008. Street View is an amazing thing that Google does, but once they’ve photographed a city, they take on a responsibility to ensure it’s an accurate representation of the place. New Orleans is one of the country’s fastest changing citiesthe country’s fastest growing city, but if someone considering a visit (or a move) there looks at Street View, they would get a terrible idea of its condition seven years after Katrina. I fear that their images are so old they’re now actively hurting the city, and no street view would be better than the inaccurate picture they’re currently painting. I wondered if anyone…

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Independence Day 2012 Contest

The week of June 2-6 2012 White Hat Social Media is having a contest to see who can have the most consistent, creative and engaging social media campaign. You can win up to a $1,000 prize! Remember the 3 ‘R’s! Be REAL, Be RELEVANT, and RESPOND!

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How creative do you think you can get with our contest? Challenge your creativity and engage your audience! Independence Day is a wonderful time to get started with a new social media campaign. Are you up for it?

Start With ‘WHY’

Micah's Musings

The most powerful way to sell anything, from an idea to a product is to begin with the ‘Why’.  We can so easily get caught up in the ‘What’ we want to “sell” or “How” we want to sell something that we forget the most important aspect of sales and marketing anything, the ‘Why’.  If you want change, if you want to start a movement, understand your ‘Why’ and how to communicate it!

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Body parts pushing through Spandex, By Erik Snyder – Courtesy of Getty Images

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What is a blog?


What is a blog?

A Blog is a powerful way to build a community that shares your interests and ideas. We explain how to best use blogs for your business and brand in our latest blog, What is a Blog and why is it important? Click the image for more!