Before Starting a Social Media Campaign

In order to launch an effective social media marketing campaign, you must have these three things in place: What to Have in Place Before Launching a Social Media Campaign


What do you know about ‘The Mobile Movement’?

Mobile devices are being used more and more each day. In fact, the use of smartphones is growing exponentially! We use them every day to conneect with our friends on social media channels, we look up products that we see on TV or hear about on the radio, we use them to assist us while we are shopping and even sleep with them right next to our beds.

Just like with any other movement, this is hear to stay and we want to tell you why it is imperative that you stay ahead of this curve! Did you know that by the end of 2012, people will use their mobile devices to conduct online searches instead of their computers? How about this: 44% of smartphone users are checking out reviews and getting product info right from their smartphones. These numbers continue to grow very rapidly and in digital age, where information is freely distributed and shared, we can only predict that Smartphone use will pick up speed until ALL the people of the world consider smartphones to be an important part of their lives, one part that they would rather give up chocolate that live without.
Moore’s Law says that every capacity of ¬†information technology will double each year. Which means that by next year, our smartphones will be faster, hold more memory, have a simpler interface, better multitasking, have better cameras, more apps… etc. This will clearly result in more people adapting to their use and utilizing them more for use in people’s daily lives. Here is a quick smartphone use blog that shows predictions for the next three years.
All in all it is easy to say that it is time to get ahead of everyone else in order to be succesful. If you have a website and you want people to find you and give more traffic to your website, then you MUST BECOME MOBILE FRIENDLY! After years of watching this shift towards mobile use, we have decided that it is time to get serious about staying ahead of the curve and found this amazing site that builds high quality mobile websites for low cost.
Our hope for this blog is that we plant that seed as to how important it is to realize where we are in today’s world when it comes to communication and the exchange of information. Stay logged in to learn more as we persue all avenues of riding the wave of this smartphone explosion and finding all the ways we can to benefit and enrich our lives.