Strength in Struggles

Our stories should not define us but instead shape us into who we most desire to be.

Micah's Musings

The main thing I have learned throughout all of life’s challenges is that details of someone’s ‘story’ are not important. In fact, details of a story can actually do more harm than good. This idea was one of the main reasons I wrote the article, 10 Tips to Happiness. The more we dwell on the details from the past the longer we remain stuck there. The details of how we pick ourselves back up, the people who support and inspire us, the things that make us feel most alive and worthwhile, those are the details we need to focus on. When we see how we overcame past obstacles or hardships we get to know our own gifts and talents, like courage to change an unhealthy relationship or situation or the intelligence and honesty it takes to realize there is something about yourself that needs to change.

Recent struggles have…

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