“Jobs” – A Top Search Word



We just completed a Google Keyword Research Report for a client and learned that the word “Jobs” is searched for 84,600,000 times every month in the U.S. That number is higher than any other number we have compiled for a report before and includes Desktop/Laptop searches and all Mobile searches! How do you interpret those results?

Hit Your Mark, One Arrow at a Time

We meet with so many people that have so many ideas that they don’t even know where to begin. I liken a lot of these people to archers. They get so excited they want to throw all of their ideas out to see what sticks instead of patiently learning and waiting for the right moment to draw their bow and launch their business plan. To read about the six qualities an entrepreneur and business person needs before launching an online marketing plan read our latest blog: Hit Your Mark, One Arrow at a Time.

The Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat


A lot of people ask us how we came up with the name for White Hat Social Media and we end up trying to explain the difference between White Hat and Black Hat tactics for SEO, Social Media, Comments, and so on.

After explaining it so many times we kind of smacked ourselves upside the head and thought, “Why don’t we just explain it on our website?!” As obvious as this would seem to us if we were working with a client, these things seem a lot less obvious when it’s your own company because you’re already the expert and you have surrounded yourself with even more experts that compliment your interests and goals. I suppose this is a good example of why hiring consultants from outside your business to assess your brand and online communication is a good idea. We have had some very successful and amazing people offer suggestions and help us along the way and we couldn’t be any more grateful!

To learn the difference between White Hat and Black Hat tactics visit our website: Why White Hat? To learn more about Andrew and I, visit our Contact Us page. We always welcome constructive feedback!

Micah Tutay

5 Must Have Skills in a Social Media Manager


Anyone who is in charge of a Social Media Campaign or Project should have these 5 very important qualities:

Social Media Spotlight: LinkedIn


There are a lot of people out there with big ideas or great passions but they aren’t sure what to do with them. I wonder how many of these people are on LinkedIn and are active in the groups there. There are endless possibilities for businesses, non-profits, and anyone looking for a job or a cause. Are you LinkedIn? Read more at our blog: Why You Need To Make LinkedIn A Priority

The Evolution of Media

Micah's Musings

Working in social media has given me the opportunity to hear many different people’s perspectives and frustrations with social media. So much in technology has changed but when you think about it, a lot hasn’t changed at all. Once the novelty of something new wears off, where do we stand with the people and things that we value most?  I write more in my latest article: The Evolution of Media

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Strength in Struggles

Our stories should not define us but instead shape us into who we most desire to be.

Micah's Musings

The main thing I have learned throughout all of life’s challenges is that details of someone’s ‘story’ are not important. In fact, details of a story can actually do more harm than good. This idea was one of the main reasons I wrote the article, 10 Tips to Happiness. The more we dwell on the details from the past the longer we remain stuck there. The details of how we pick ourselves back up, the people who support and inspire us, the things that make us feel most alive and worthwhile, those are the details we need to focus on. When we see how we overcame past obstacles or hardships we get to know our own gifts and talents, like courage to change an unhealthy relationship or situation or the intelligence and honesty it takes to realize there is something about yourself that needs to change.

Recent struggles have…

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David Cummings on Startups

As I think back to my many entrepreneurial endeavors that failed (e.g. post mortem of a failed product), several clear themes come to mind. It isn’t that any one issue or challenge was the culprit, rather there were a number of items that colluded together. Also, most were within my control and I still failed.

Here are five simple reasons entrepreneurs fail:

  1. Not giving it 100% – it’s hard enough to succeed when working on something full-time that entrepreneurs working on an idea part-time are even more likely to fail because they won’t make enough progress to figure out how to make it successful
  2. Premature scaling – resources are scarce so a self-inflicted death is more likely when staff or resources are added before a business model is found (see startups shouldn’t hire a VP of Sales)
  3. Building product in a vacuumcustomer usage is oxygen for…

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